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Givology is an Internet community that empowers individual donors to connect with students and communities in need of education support. By leveraging the Internet to support education grants and projects, Givology creates a global community of people connected through their belief in the power of education.

We partner with leading grassroots non-profit organizations, local communities, and schools to sponsor education grants and innovative community-based education projects. Through our site, you can support these initiatives. Learn more.

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Emma Oliver
London, UK

$50 pledged to Givology so far

Sport, Theatre, Education, Travel
James Scurry
London, United Kingdom

$50 pledged to Givology so far

I'm a television producer in London studying to become a psychotherapist so that I can help offer mental health support to people who are sick. I work mostly with cancer patients
Naomi Stroup
$57 pledged to Givology so far
Elisa Alvarez Puertas
The Netherlands

$150 pledged to Givology so far
perla n pollonio
So Paulo, So Paulo, Brazil

$10 pledged to Givology so far

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$25 → Neema Sesay  Aug. 28, 2015 1:20 p.m.
$25 → Victor Ouma  Aug. 26, 2015 12:22 p.m.
$25 → Victor Ouma  Aug. 26, 2015 12:22 p.m.
$220 → Xue Cai Yang  Aug. 25, 2015 1:32 p.m.
$150 → Cedrick Fonton  Aug. 25, 2015 12:16 p.m.
$130 → Maria Ajuchan  Aug. 21, 2015 8:41 p.m.