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Givology is an Internet community that empowers individual donors to connect with students and communities in need of education support. By leveraging the Internet to support education grants and projects, Givology creates a global community of people connected through their belief in the power of education.

We partner with leading grassroots non-profit organizations, local communities, and schools to sponsor education grants and innovative community-based education projects. Through our site, you can support these initiatives. Learn more.

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Danielle Harrington
$100 pledged to Givology so far
Ettore Bartoccetti
Ivrea, To, Italy

$90 pledged to Givology so far
Roqzanne Dator - Tan
QUEZON CITY, Metro Manila, Philippines

$50 pledged to Givology so far

A humanitarian, entrepreneur, and homeschooling mom from the Philippines, who travels to inspire more people to care about children and save them from cruelty, deprivation, injustice, disease and death. Owner of, a retail store dedicated for children, where 100% of the profit goes to her chosen charity institutions such as Givology..
Givology Hong Kong
Hong Kong

$1550 pledged to Givology so far

Givology Hong Kong is a Givology Chapter based in Hong Kong, started in 2013. We were inspired to raise awareness of education issues and spread the message of giving in the Hong Kong community. We believe that education is the ultimate catalyst for economic empowerment, community advancement, and poverty reduction, the great equalizer and a fundamental human right that warrants universal access. This year, our partner of choice is Emerge Global, a Boston-based nonprofit that empowers young women who have survived abuse with the personal, social, and financial capital needed to support themselves and their children and to solve their own community’s most pressing problems. For more information, contact us at
Blaine Donald
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

$50 pledged to Givology so far

I have a rather eclectic background. I studied History\Political Science\Sociology at Brandon University. When I graduated, the labour market was in a downturn (Manitoba), thus I entered the field of Community Corrections. From there I embarked on additional studies in psychology, sociology, law and justice. Wouldn't you know it, I decided to undertake another u-turn and entered the field of distance education and training.

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