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2010-01-23 20:51:55 | Tags: team northwestern-givology-cha
After two meetings, we're up to about 4ish (?) members! Slowly growing, but getting there.

In a few weeks, Jessie and I are planning to go canning in Evanston to support Muwanguzi Herbert. This is the first child that we're planning to donate to. She was excited by how cute he was (and his dream of being a pilot made her smile!)

Thanks for the comments that you gave last time. I still feel a little weird about the whole "blog" concept. But, hopefully, this'll be a thing I do regularly.
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2010-01-21 16:53:41 | Tags: team northwestern-givology-cha
Well, this is the first blog from me. I am a part of the Northwestern Chapter. I'll most likely add this on that blog as well. But, here it goes.

It's been a big struggle here in order to set up a new organization. It still is. People are slowly starting to join; life is always changing and making things difficult; school is certainly not that much better. But despite this, I've been thinking lately: What an opportunity I have as a student. If I believe in Givology, then what a blessing I have to be in this situation, despite how difficult it is.

I want other kids to have this opportunity. I really want this chapter to work. It's tough, since we're on the quarter system (unlike other schools, which are on the semester). Fortunately, I've got two other girls who are invested in this like I am. But I hope I find more.

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