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Make an impact on kids around the world.


Give to Learn, Learn to Give.

Around the world, more than 115 million children of primary-school age are not in school, and even more do not have the opportunity to pursue secondary school or higher education. Poverty is one of the principal causes. Often times, families may have difficulty affording school fees or the cost of supplies, or may simply need to keep children working to contribute to the family income.

The transformational powers of knowledge and a good education are undeniable. At Givology, we believe education is the single most important and sustainable resource for individual empowerment, advancement, and poverty alleviation. Givology democratizes philanthropy by allowing any Internet user to impact the lives of students in need of educational assistance.


Launched in March 2008 by students at the University of Pennsylvania, Givology is an Internet online giving marketplace for education that leverages small dollar donations to support grassroots projects and student scholarships in the developing world. As a P2P community at the forefront of the internet microphilanthropy revolution, Givology partners with NGOs and schools throughout the world and connects internet donors to grassroots causes. Through donor message functions, open blogging, and frequent student updates, Givology democratizes philanthropy by introducing choice, transparency, and information sharing in education philanthropy. In particular, we aspire to do the following: