Executive Team

  • Joyce Meng

    Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Joyce Meng is a co-founder and CEO of Givology. She's very passionate about education, traveling, impact evaluation, and data analysis in philanthropy. She is a Rhodes Scholar, receiving a MSc in Development Economics and a MSc in Financial Economics from Oxford University. Every day, she's completely inspired by her Givology team and their creative ideas to raise awareness and get people engaged with making a difference! Her personal website is www.joycemeng.com. In her spare time, she plays ice hockey and takes long walks in New York City.

  • Jennifer Chen

    Co-Founder and President

    Jennifer Chen graduated from the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business at the University of Pennsylvania. She was born in Nanjing (Jiangsu Province), China. After moving to the U.S. at age three, she benefited from opportunities resulting from a quality education.

  • Philip Gavlan

    Chief Technology Officer

    Being interested in both music and computers as early as the age of four, Phil has always had a natural magnetism towards both technology and the arts. Phil finished high school with a major in Industrial Engineering Technology. He was immediately offered a position as an I.T. Manager for two businesses in his local town. Interested in developing his career, he quickly moved to silicon valley and launched his career in systems administration, cloud computing, and solution architecture. After a short stint in NYC, Phil is now living in sunny southern California and has launched The Tech Architect, his independent consulting firm. He is passionate about his work, life, and family. He's always looking forward to meet new folks and chat, say hi!

  • Jonathan Lee

    Chief Financial Officer

    Jonathan graduated from the University of Virginia in 2008 and worked in finance for several years as a business analyst, before leaving on an extended sabbatical. When not managing the finances of Givology, Jonathan spends his time reading, biking, and doing eskimo rolls on his surfboard at Rockaway Beach. His role model is John Fairfax, the real-life Most Interesting Man in the World.

  • Liu Jiang

    Chief Development Officer

    Liu Jiang is a student in the Class of 2013 at University High School in Irvine, CA. Her greatest interest being international development, Liu began her work with Givology as a development and marketing intern. Interested in increasing Givology's presence on the west coast and internationally, Liu joined the core team as Chapters Director and Newsletter Editor-in-Chief before becoming Chief Development Officer. She enjoys working with chapters on awareness and fundraising campaigns, publishing the bi-monthly newsletter, and writing a book for Givology. Liu plans to eventually work for the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

  • Elise Jun

    Chief Information Officer

    Elise is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania. She is studying Latin American Studies and International Development, and in the future hopes to work in international law. She organizes the internal database and functions as CIO, keeping track of the team members, documents and projects that make up the every day, behind-the-scenes work at Givology. She has travelled throughout Asia and Latin America working for various education non-profits, and believes in the power of education and Givology! In her spare time, she's a traveller, a reader, and a dedicated foodie.

  • Evelyn Yeung

    Chief Talent Officer/Director of HR

    Evelyn is freshman at UC Berkeley and intends to double major in Business Administration and Environmental Economics. Joining the Givology Team as a Chapters Intern, Evelyn created a Chapters Curriculum that set guidelines and procedures to help chapters to operate more efficiently. Her experience with the Chapters Team led her to introduce Givology to the West Coast. Evelyn, along with two other Givologists, founded the first West Coast University Chapter known as Givology@Berkeley. As VP of Administration at UC Berkeley, Evelyn coordinates projects and events. Working as Human Resources Director and CTO on Givology Team, Evelyn focuses on placement of new interns and volunteers, recruitment and ensuring that Givology Team members have the necessary training to complete their assignments. Evelyn is also responsible for conducting HR interviews and ensuring effective communication on all levels of Givology. Evelyn believes that education empowers individuals to take control of their lives. Whether it is voicing out ideas or escaping the realities of poverty, education is something that no one can take away from you.

  • Susan Liu

    Community Manager

    Susan Liu is a freshman at Wesleyan where she plans to study development economics. She spent a few years being content with pretending to solve world issues through her high school's Model UN program. After attending the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women, she realized that she wouldn't be satisfied studying development without getting more directly involved; she subsequently joined Givology as an intern. She is a staunch advocate for equality in education, and has been consistently impressed by the dedication and innovation of Givology and the partners she has had the privilege of interviewing. In her spare time, she likes to paint, cook, read, and watch bad television.

  • Coulter King

    Chapters Director

    Coulter King graduated from Harvard College, where he studied government and economics. He began working with Givology in November 2011 and spends most of his time developing Givology's network of chapters.

  • Jane Yoo

    Art Director

    Jane graduated from Pratt Institute in 2010, majoring in Communication Design- Graphic Design. After graduation, she moved back home to Virginia and is working as a Graphic Designer. As an artist of all trades, she hopes to continue learning new mediums to create art: digital to print, photography to illustration, mobile to web. After learning about Givology and the wonderful work, passion, and care given by the other volunteers, she decided to help by providing as much of her design experience as she can. Jane hopes to increase awareness about Givology and reach people through her designs. When not working on art projects, she loves to hang out with her dog, eat and try new foods, fully geek out (being a proud self-proclaimed geek), and travel as much as possible.

  • Megan Foo

    Chief Content Officer

    Megan Foo is a sophomore at Chinese International School, Hong Kong. As a Givology volunteer, she continues to espouse the benefits of a quality education, working with the belief that education is the catalyst for economic development and gender equality. She is interested in blogging to raise awareness of education issues worldwide and further humanitarian initiatives, and hopes to use social media to reach out to potential partners and donors. Passionate about inspiring people to give to Givology's network of partners and students, Megan joined the core team as Newsletter Deputy Editor before becoming Chief Content Officer, using her penchant for writing to drive interest to Givology's mission. When not managing Givology's content and interviewing Givologists, Megan loves to run cross country, develop study resources, make inspirational typographies for Tumblr, and travel. Click here to view her tumblr

  • Avika Dua

    Newsletter Editor in Chief

    Avika Dua is a youth activist and journalist passionate about humanitarian service and non-profit management. As a Givology core team member and CEO of For All Mankind, a student-led 501(c)(3) humanitarian non-profit, she works with the belief that education is the great equalizer and a fundamental right that warrants universal access. She started at Givology as a development intern and now serves as Newsletter Editor-in-Chief and a writer for the organization's upcoming book, utilizing her penchants for graphic design and writing to help spread the message of giving!

  • Allison Zaucha

    PR Director

    Allison Zaucha is a senior at East Carolina University where she studies business management and art. As a photographer and creative individual, Allison feels passionate about humanitarian service and non-profit management. Allison began her work with Givology as a development intern and quickly joined the core team as Head of PR. While here, she has created the #GIVspiration Contest and worked on market research for the Give Inspiration campaign. Currently, she is assisting the team with projects, social media, and writing for the organization's upcoming book.Allison hopes to utilize her talents and skills to help organizations like Givology to change the world. In her free time, Allison loves to explore new cities, see live music, and spend time with loved ones.

  • Prashanth Srinivasan

    President of the NYC Chapter, Director of Special Projects

    Prashanth Srinivasan graduated from the M&T Program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 with degrees in Finance and Materials Science Engineering. He moved to New York after graduation to work for NYSE Euronext, and has been with the firm since. Before college, Prashanth lived in various countries all over Asia, having studied in India, the Middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong. He loves playing and watching sports, and has a deep passion for education. Within Givology, Prashanth is part of both the Core Team and the NYC Chapter, focusing on raising awareness of Givology's partner organizations and organizing fundraisers to support their causes.

  • Stephany Yong

    Social Business Director

    Stephany is a freshman at Stanford University studying economics. As a Givology team member, she has blogged about the importance of educating girls, interviewed our phenomenal partners around the world, and is currently leading Givology's book project. Stephany is a published journalist and seeks to integrate media and message to advocate for the greatest gift a person can give another: an education and a chance for someone to realize how much his or her ideas matter. In her spare time, Stephany enjoys walking her dog, hiking, and cheering for her hometown LA Lakers.

  • Rachel Chuang

    Director of Special Projects

    Rachel is a freshman biology major at Cornell University with an interest in global health. Rachel strongly believes in the world-wide impacts of education and the importance of community in giving. Rachel is working to advocate education causes in her local community through heading a new chapter of Givology at Cornell. Rachel joined Givology as a Research Intern and, since then, has become a Core Team member, co-leading Givology's book project. In her free time, Rachel enjoys drinking green tea and watching movies.

  • Liza Rafael

    Media Director

    Liza Rafael graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008 with a double major in film and journalism. In 2010, she completed her feature documentary, "Leave it on the Stage", a film about a high school show choir in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then, she has moved to New York City to continue pursing a career in filmmaking. She is currently producing the videos for Givology's website and is excited to be using her talents for a cause she strongly supports. Whenever she does have spare time, she spends it exploring the city.

  • Vikram Dhindsa

    Development Coordinator

    Vikram Dhindsa graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 and presently works for a sustainably focused investment firm in New York City. Vikram has had a lifelong interest in international development and appreciation for the critical role that education plays in improving the lives of individuals and benefiting society as a whole. In his free time, Vikram enjoys playing soccer and squash, traveling and exploring NYC.

  • Katy Ma

    Community Manager

    Katy is a youth activist passionate about education, humanitarian service, and empowering teen girls. She founded a project called the "I Am Proud" campaign which is dedicated to bringing awareness to self esteem issues and the influence of popular culture and advertising on teens. Katy joined Givology in the fall of 2012 as a development intern. Currently, she is a core team member assisting with various projects and social media. She is thankful to be part of such a talented team and have the opportunity to make an impact on the world by raising awareness for education issues. In her free time, Katy enjoys painting, learning new instruments, and traveling.

  • Sitian Zhang

    Special Projects

    SiTian is a sophomore at High Tech High School in New Jersey. She joined Givology in the June of 2012 as a development intern working in social media. Since then, she has helped update Givology's Twitter and other social network accounts. As a dedicated student, herself, she is very much aware of the power that education has over one's future and is proud to be able to help Givology provide such futures to more of the world!

  • Meghan Godin

    Development Coordinator

    Meghan Godin is currently working at a user experience research and design firm in New York City alongside managing the internal recruitment product. While here, she's created a weekly event series titled 'JAM Sessions', which invites various non profits into the space for free ux advice on how to maximize their websites overall experience. She has a passion for nonprofits and is thrilled to contribute to such a wonderful organization such as Givology. Currently, she's assisting the team with projects, events, and media presence. Meghan seeks to be a part of something that will impact the world in a more meaningful way.

  • Carl Mackey

    Co-Founder and Technology Advisor

    Carl is a co-founder and tech advisor for Givology. The entire Givology team admires his coding prowess and ingenuity in "making things work" on the site. The only thing that Carl fears is his time traveling self in the future!

  • Grace Meng

    Community Manager

    As a nurse in training, Grace cares a lot about the community and helping others as much as she can. She enjoys being a community manager on Givology and helping connect the organization to funding and awareness building opportunities! As a hobby, she likes listening to Asian pop music and traveling.

  • David Cohen

    Tech Associate

    David Cohen is delighted to join the Givology team as a technology associate. His hobbies are data analysis, programming, and cooking. His motto in life is "don't ever stop learning"