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My name is Liset Aurora. I was born in Tunja, Colombia, South America. I am 11 years old. I am the youngest of three children. My older sister is 21 and my younger sister is 20. She has a 2 year old baby. I live with my mother, my two sisters, my nephew and three uncles in a rented apartment. My father abandoned us when I was 4 years old. He lives with another woman and has a little girl-my third sister. Since then, my mother has not received any financial support from him. We, his daughters, do not receive any support towards our education. My mother has struggled and worked very hard to send us to school. My sisters already finished high school but because of financial difficulties were not able to attend college. My sisters do have to work to help my mother because she had an aneurysm and was not able to get a job again, even though she had the desired to continue working. My mother then started to make wooden handicrafts. She sells those handicrafts and with the money she gets we barely pay the expenses of the house. We are a very humble family.

I am on 5th grade at the Colegio Boyaca in Tunja city. I want to finish high school and go to the university to become a veterinarian. I also want to travel and do a specialization in animals. I have a female dog, a hen and a rabbit as my pets. In my spare time I enjoy singing, dancing and playing basketball.


  • My update!

    [img]/images/user/540_4445670017125802923.jpg[/img] Dear sponsors, First of all, I thank you for the great opportunity that you have given me for my future. I know I failed the last year with my academic performance, but this year I am willing to show my capabilities and my intelligence with my grades. I won’t disappoint you for sure so that you will be proud of my grades this year. I started this period with a good kick, very good grades and an excellent average. Thank God this year has been very good and I have done very well in everything both personally with my family and at school all went very well. I am also very sensible in the house and at school since my big dream is to succeed and become someone in life that you and my family would feel very proud of. I will show you each one of my achievements. Thank you for so many blessings, for believing me and for giving me another chance. God bless and always take care of yourselves and your homes. Thank you for everything. I love...
  • Updates from Liset

    Here is a letter from Liset as well as a recent transcript from her school!
  • Letter from Liset

    Dear sponsors: I want to thank you for the support you have given me throughout these years of my life. You have been helping me since I was little. For me to think about having you as sponsors who are concerned about me and my well being makes me really joyful and happy. I am doing well at school. I am in 8th grade and I feel very happy because I have great friends. Throughout this time I have grown a lot and I have been able to understand several things. The first thing is that as a girl I can have boys as friends not only girls. Actually, it might sound weird but I have 15 friends who are boys and only 4 girl friends. Here in Colombia people say that a girl’s best friend is a boy not a girl and I agree that it's true. The ages of the boys who are my friends are diverse. They are 17, 15 and 14 which is my age now. Being a teenager is a very nice stage in life and thanks to God I have been able to live it in a responsible way. Thanks for everything. Liset Aurora
  • Liset's Letter

    Sponsors: I want to thank you because thanks to your support I have been able to study, but mainly thanks to God. This year I have learned new things at school and it has been a beautiful and easy year because I passed all my classes. I hope you are doing ok and hope that God is giving you abundant blessings and prosperity. Merry Christmas and joy to your families! You deserve this and much more! You are great; I appreciate you very much and send you thousand kisses. I hope you had a good time this year, hope you received good things and good news. God bless your jobs, families and mainly your Church. My family is made up of my uncle Luis, uncle Jorge, uncle Victor (the one I like the most), my sister Diana (the oldest), my sister Angela (the one in the middle), my mother, my father and I. I had a schnauzer dog called Toby. It was white but it was poisoned and died. Catty my female dog had 4 little puppies. After Toby died I was gifted a Rottweiler dog called Hachi but we gave it aw...
  • Update from Liset Aurora!

    Original letter in Spanish: Hola queridos padrinos los saludo desando que el todo poderoso los colme de felicidad y buena salud. Les comento que el año lo pase con buenas notas u ocupe el segundo puesto soy feliz por gracias a su ayuda he podido estudiar y mejorar mi vida. Le cuento que también estuve muy triste por la muerte de mi perrito llamado toby y en esas semanas no quería comer pero mi mama me dijo que adoptara otro aunque no sea igual a toby también me querrá mucho. También les comento que mi mama esta trabajando con sus artesanías , y en la iglesia somos las dos profesoras de escuela de niños lo cual nos llena da satisfacción enseñarle la palabra de Dios y su mensajes , de verdad gracias por su valiosa ayuda ya que también hay otros como yo en la iglesia que la reciben Dios los sabrá recompensar siempre un beso y un caluroso abrazo para todos ustedes con amor. Liset Aurora Translation to English: Hello, dear sponsers, I greet you wishing that the all powerful O...


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