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Jhennifer Stefania is a very active, loving and caring girl. One thing she likes the most in life is music. Her family is made up of her mother, father and two brothers. Both her parents are teachers, however, right now both of them are unemployed because they had a contract for one year teaching at one of the State’s schools but the contract expired and was not renewed. Both of Jhennifer’s parents have been unemployed since the month of June 2010 which has become the greatest difficulty for the family because they have to pay rent for the house where they live and also pay for school, health and food expenses. Jhennifer’s parents are very concerned about not being able to continue giving education to their children because of financial difficulties but hope that soon they can find a job.

Jhennifer Stefania is in 6th grade. Her favorite subjects are music, physical education and art. She wants to become a veterinarian and also a singer. Once her parents get a job she will take music and swimming lessons. Jhennifer’s, as well as her family’s dream is to have a house of their own and to enjoy good health to work and grow together as a family. Jhennifer hopes and prays she can continue her education because she believes that is the only way her country Colombia and the families that inhabit it can live a better life and have a better future.


  • 2014 Report Cards

    [img]/images/user/2091_1488648769840830860.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2091_14214574380578795817.jpg[/img]
  • My update!

    [img]/images/user/2091_16653451492430578315.jpg[/img]Dear Godparents, The blessing of almighty God is with you all today and always. I would like to give thanks for the help that you all have given me up to now, but before thanking you all I must thank God for creating such beautiful people with such hearts that are willing to help others. Let me tell you, academically, I know how to motivate myself through each new teacher. This stays with me at the barn as well, since it is hot where we live and we have to feed the animals like pigs, chickens, etc. I also want to tell you all that I turn fifteen this year, which I've been waiting forever for! I would like you to know you all personally. Many thanks for all the help. I LOVE YOU ALL A LOT <3 <3 <3 Thanks, Jhennifer (Translation by our volunteer, [url=]Susan Liu[/url])
  • Letter from Jhennifer

    Dear sponsors: I wish for you God Almighty’s blessings. Dear sponsors, I want to tell you that I am in 7th grade at the Instituto Tecnico Gonzalo Suarez Rendon. I am about to celebrate my 13th birthday. I also want to thank you for the support you are giving me. With the money I received I bought some school supplies that I needed. I would like to meet you personally. I want to know more about you. Please know you are in my heart and I will never forget about you. I also want you to know that I appreciate you very much. Thank you for supporting me. Much love and kisses to you. Sincerely, Jhennifer Stefania …You are the best!
  • Jhennifer's Latest Letter!

    Jhennifer's letter with English translation below Dear sponsors: May the benediction of God our Almighty Father be with you today and always! In this day that I can write to you I give thanks to God for having the support of beautiful and generous people like you. Thank you for the support you gave me this year because my family went through a difficult financial situation. I used the money to pay for school expenses. I continue to give thanks to God for your lives and jobs. I send you a kiss and a strong and loving hug for Christmas. May all the wishes of your heart come true! May our Lord sustain you! I would like God to give me the opportunity to meet you this Christmas, to thank you and hug you. Meanwhile, I continue to keep you in my heart today and always. I want to ask you a special favor and that is to pray for a job for my mom and also pray so that my father gets a permanent job close to us so we can be together as family. Dear sponsors, may this Christmas and the upcom...
  • Thanks from Jhennifer!

    Dear Sponsors, May God’s blessing always be with you. I’d like to tell you that this marking period went well for me and I’m continuing in the same school. Also I turned 12 last May. My mommy got a job seven hours from here so a cousin is taking care of me and my siblings. Also we’re already out on vacation for three weeks. I ask that you help me in praying for my mom and for my dad because they’ve endured nine months of unemployment and are in a lot of debt. I would like to know how you, my sponsers, are. At least to have a picture of you and even though I don’t know you I thank God that I have you as sponsors. Thank you for being my sponsors. Jhennifer Stefania T.K.M.=I love you a lot


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