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I am a shy and quiet boy, live in a remote mountain village; we have 5 family members living in a house with broken windows. We live in Yun Nan province, Yuan Yang city, Za Niang village. I like my house because it is my parents' work; they spent all their energy and borrowed ten thousands yuan - an astronomical number to me. My father works as a laborer outside, while my mother works in a plot of land every day. We have little to eat while work hard every day to pay the debt. Over the years my father becomes thinner and my mother contracts some illness due to overwork, so we had to sell our pigs for her treatment.

Over these years, both of my parents work to manage to earn our modest living. But they insists that I and my younger brother continuing schooling. Observing my parents getting older and thinner over these years, I feel sorry for them. I keep thinking of bring happiness to help them so I come home for school breaks. My parents know that I am a grateful son, and I hope my care can alleviate their hardships.

Therefore I study diligently to show my good grade standing to console my parents. When they are happy to see my work, I feel that's what I can do for them. Seeing my father’s two rough hands, full of hardship, I hope to get the Peach grant to help my family. I want to be successful in the future to ease my parents’ hardship; the Peach grant will greatly improve my family condition.


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