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Dating sites and applications.

To begin with, each newcomer has the opportunity not only to clearly define their own parameters, but also to specify (as a rule, choose from the proposed categories) the purpose of presence on this particular resource. That is, friends, if you went to a Dating site in order to find a mistress for the period while your wife and children will rest in the South, and prescribed in this section "Marriage/Family", then do not be surprised that your tempting invitations to visit will receive answers full of contempt and misunderstanding. Similarly, girls looking for a serious relationship, do not choose the column "Sex for one night", and in the section "Sexual preferences" negligible sumnyashesya specify "Group sex". These parameters are put in the search, so wait for the appropriate suggestions.
Many people mistakenly believe that a Dating site is such a party, where literally in one languid evening you can find a partner for the night, and during the working day to find a faithful husband, a beautiful lover, sponsor or the one, the only and unique. Of course, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of profiles, photos, videos, personal blogs and a sea of other information create the appearance of an easy and quick mission to find the second half. No matter for a night or for life.
Practice suggests that on the other end sit the same living people as you. Most often lonely, sometimes disappointed with the previous relationship, looking for adventure or seeking to pour out the soul of a stranger (which is always easier) and always doubting. Someone writes with errors, someone is often distracted by work or housework, and someone stubbornly silent, responding to your winks and "greetings" only after a couple of days. Sometimes, a conversation begins, and you look with interest at the chat window, in anticipation of the next replica of your interlocutor. It happens that the acquaintance is not glued to your detailed questions you get monosyllabic answers that do not have to continue the conversation.

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