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Artist Tia Tuenge Will Host Gallery Show to Benefit Givology

This coming weekend, Artist Tia Tuenge will be hosting a Gallery Show to benefit Givology and the work that we do. We’re always inspired by the creativity and generosity of Givology community members, and wanted to share Tia’s story with you all.

How did you first hear about Givology?
· “I heard about Givology in the book Half of the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Givology was one of the recommended charities that was really effective on the ground.”

What moved you about Half the Sky?
· “I have always been really interested in women’s issues. I have a daughter myself and being a woman, I really think that women are an underused asset on the planet. If more women were empowered, we would have a much more peaceful planet. I felt really moved by the tragic stories but also by the optimism of the heroines. And the courage of the women, they’re so amazing.”

What inspired the Gallery Show idea?
· “I am an artist myself, and it’s really important to me to give back. It’s also important to teach my daughter (Age 8) to give back. In my view, we are all obligated to try to make the world better. I have a space to hold an event in, and I have a lot of paintings to sell. My daughter also said she wanted to make a painting and to get her classmates to help. Their thinking is that everybody should be able to go to school.”

What will the Gallery Show be like?
· “It’s going to be a really fun event. One section will be dedicated to the kids’ artwork. We will also feature blurbs from the Givology website to showcase the work that Givology does. We’re going to be auctioning the kids’ paintings off, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Givology. One thing that we’re also doing is that each kid’s painting will be accompanied by why they think every kid should have the chance to go to school. We will also be selling my and a fellow artist’s artwork. There will be live music, cocktails, and hor d’eouvres."

Why are you passionate about education?
· “I think knowledge is power. If you are literate, you have the means to learn anything you want. Literacy and education empowers you to create a different life. If you don’t know anything different, your expectations don’t raise. If you have the ability to inform yourself, you don’t have to rely on others. It gives you that extra leg up.”

Thank you for your support Tia, and we look forward to hearing about the show!
-Givology Team

Please find more information about Tia’s fundraiser here:

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