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    Hi, I appreciate your posting which clarifies Givology. I'm making a $75 donation today to the Peace school to be used for what the faculty and principal deem important. You have undertaken a huge project, but someone must demonstrates what is needed in order to motivate others to make larger donations. Jack Loughary
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    I also am looking forward to the English translation. Thanks for your good work. jack loughary
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    Zaina (is this your first or last Name. On any case thank your for posting and good luck in your studies. What are your current top interests? Jack Loughary
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    Hi Belinda, You are welcome. Math is difficult for most students (me included) but keep practicing. You will benefit in the long run.
  • Givology is a great system: Congratulations!

    Looking forward to learning more about Givology and encouraging others around the world to participate. You are on to something BIG here. Pic is my wife (Theresa Ripley) and me in Kauai. Thanks. Jack Loughary