I am a sophomore at Emory University. My sophomore year of high school, I worked to fund a school in Andhra Pradesh, India. However, one of the large problems was that families in the area needed their children to work at home; in short, going to school was not an option for many students. Microfinance changed this when it came into the area. The number of students attending school jumped from 50 to 68 in a little under two semesters. I became interested in microfinance when I saw its impact on this community.

My interests and school activities include tennis and soccer. I also enjoy reading and watching Patriots games. In the future, I hope to study finance and sustainability and continue doing non-profit work.


  • Emma's Letter

    It is another beautiful day in Atlanta and I am so impressed with all of the letters that have been written from our donors to our Givology students. As letters coordinater, I enjoy reading the letters before they are sent off to our wonderful translation team at UPENN. I found Emma’s letter particularly inspiring! It is simple to write to our students: click message me under a student’s profile to get stated. You can find Emma’s letter below!
  • Tea Leaf Trust: First Words in Sri Lanka

    We start with our first word. Sometimes it is Mommy or Daddy, other times it is yes or no. But this is where it starts. From our first word we start to build a vocabulary of hundreds of thousands of words, until we begin to build a world through language. It is estimated that the human brain can hold 10^15 bits (in computer language) of information. And yet, when we lack basic skills, like the ability to communicate with others, it cuts us off from the very thing we crave the most: to connect. And in the case of those who lack recourse, it mitigates the ability to establish the factors of basic sustenance. This is why I truly believe in Givology’s mission: to help students learn skills such as English. Students who want to learn face many challenges though. At our Sri Lankan partner, Tea Leaf Trust, over 80 percent of the students supported by this NGO live on less than 1USD a day –the UN’s indicator of extreme poverty. Beyond steady income, this particular province of Sri Lanka fac...
  • Education: Curiosity as a Catalyst

    I was unsure what to expect starting my sophomore year at Emory. It was like looking in mirror of what I had seen last fall-hoards of incoming students with maps and confused parents. It was hard to expect anything from my younger peers but wake up on time, get to class, and slowly begin to integrate within the college community. And yet over the past weeks, I have had many opportunities where I sat in a circle by the fireplace and was surprised by their keen interest in our Givology students. Unlike the apathetic class of younger students I had imagined –only fascinated with next late-night campus events or enthralled their roomie’s latest sorority gossip -I found a class who was eager to learn more about the challenges our Givology students face. What makes our letter writing process unique from other types of giving is that it requires students to expand their horizons beyond their immediate mileau. The letter campaign has students send messages of support to Givology sponsored s...
  • Emory Freshmen Write Letters

    The Emory students are at it again: this time the freshman class is taking charge. Yesterday, they sat down by the fire place in Longstreet-Means, the freshman dorm, and wrote letters. There were crayons and multicolored paper. The students produced a wonderful array of letters and I cannot wait to send them off to our students. Keep up the writing! Or, click MESSAGE ME under a student's profile to send a letter of support!
  • Bubble Tea for Girls

    This past weekend, the Emory club, Making Minds Matter, sold bubble tea at our Emory Wonderful Wednesday fair. Making Minds Matter hopes to raise funds to support education for girls in developing countries. We raised $80.00 that will go toward Brenda from Starfish One by One at the end of the semester. Below are just a few pictures from last Wednesday =)