• Dawson's Bake Sale

    Our first fundraising event of the year was a huge success! We held a bake sale outside of Dawson's Market in Rockville, MD. We raised $252.68 over the course of two hours. We are hoping to get another fundraising event in before the holidays! [color=rgb(85, 85, 85)][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif] [/font][/color]
  • Featured in the school newspaper!

    Joining the plethora of clubs and student led organizations this year is Givology: a club [font=Arial]dedicated to using the power of the Internet to support education grants and projects all over the world. The Richard Montgomery chapter, dubbed RMGivs, was founded by senior Wendy Risso and is a subdivision of the international non-profit organization of Givology. Givology’s mantra is to have individual donors connect with students and communities around the world to education support and make quality education accessible for all.[/font] For Richard Montgomery, this means sponsoring the tuition, textbooks, transportation, [font=Arial]room & board, and other miscellaneous expenses of PuBa Li, a 19 year old female living in [/font][font=Arial]YunNan, China. The RMGivs envision raising around $500 so that Li can afford a worthwhile education, even amidst her family’s economic hardships. In the past two years, Li has received approximately 250 dollars. However, her mother and father ar...
  • Race for the Brace

    A fun and self gratifying campaign: we made our own bracelets and sold them during the holidays! Enlightened on the philosophy of GIVing, many of us bought the bracelets ourselves for our relatives!
  • Spring Bake Sale

    Fresh strawberries? Why not! Our most popular item, the strawberries really drew people in to hear about our cause. We made a total of about $170, highly exceeding expectations.
  • Autumn Bake Sale

    We never got around to sharing this! What with the seasonal pumpkin cookies and lemon squares, we'd call it a success! We raised a total of $180