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We will install solar panels on the Amway School. This school educated 150 students from the Agotime Kpetoe community. By adding solar power, we can increase capacity and improve the educational facilities.


Ghana has made serious investments in its future by providing public schooling for its children through junior high level, contributing teachers and an established curriculum. For all this progress, Ghana still has a long way to go in meeting global standards in education, economic development and sustainability. Its growth is outpacing its infrastructure. This school cannot currently meet the needs of the community. As the literacy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and education levels rise in the population so does the demand for improved learning environments.


This project will improve and broaden the learning opportunities for 150 school age children, increase the literacy rate in the community for children and adults, and provide a multi-use community space for additional capacity building programs.

Team Credentials

VIDA and the local Ghanaian NGO, DIVOG, will be working together on this project. VIDA will design the system and coordinate travel for a team of volunteer solar installation experts. DIVOG will arrange material and supplies purchased in Ghana, as well as, in country travel and lodging for the team. DIVOG has managed the construction of many schools, washrooms and computer education centers since its formal establishment in 2002. VIDA has worked with DIVOG on multiple projects in the past two years.