AAH is a volunteer, non-profit organization based in the United States that helps children in rural Uganda reach their full potential. By creating model schools and clinics, we provide education and healthcare programs, local development opportunities, and community outreach to improve the quality of life and transform poor villages into self-sustaining communities. We do this by engaging a caring community of volunteers, child sponsors, donors, partners and friends in the United States, Uganda and throughout the world.

AAH’s vision is to transform villages in rural Uganda into vibrant, self-sustaining communities through quality education and healthcare. Specifically, we seek to:

- Develop educational and healthcare models in each village where we have a presence.

- Set new standards of academic excellence and prepare the children for adult lives that contribute to the progress of their communities and the world.

- Local schools will perform better. Students will progress to higher levels of learning and professional careers. Through adult education programs, literacy will increase in local communities.

- Establish clinics and community health programs that provide children and their families with access to modern healthcare, medicines, and treatments. More people will live longer with a higher quality of life.

- Encourage villages with AAH programs to employ technology and provide services for surrounding areas. Building and farming techniques will demonstrate an increased environmental awareness.

Through shared learning experiences, AAH will foster greater cultural understanding on local, national and international levels.


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