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An Bin's Update!

Hello, Givology community! My name is An Bin and I’m currently in 9th grade in high school. I am 14 years old, from birth to now I’ve experienced many hardships. But these challenges were not always bad, through these challenges I’ve learned the rules of nature. If events have already occurred, then the only thing we can do is be positive.

Amidst these challenges, there are a couple of unforgettable events that have brought much pain to my family and I. The first was in elementary school, at the time I was only 7 or 8, but within one day many bad things happened to my family. When I was still learning, my grandpa hurriedly came to my classroom. I was so surprised, why was he suddenly here? He quickly excused my absence and took me home. My sister and I were taken by my grandpa home, then a relative took us to eat. I asked where my grandpa was and why I needed to come home. The relative had nothing much to say and said to first eat. In confusion, we ate dinner. Afterwards, we finally discovered the truth.

My father, while working, had fallen from the second floor. I was still young at the time, and assumed my father was okay. But at the hospital, there were several of my father’s siblings and my mother who stood by my dad’s hospital bed, in despair. I discovered that something really bad happened to my dad. He was still, laying in his bed, only able to cry. That night, the doctor brought over a hospital notice that my dad was going to die soon. My mother tearfully signed the paper and asked the doctor if there was any hope left. The doctor replied, “We can only hope for a miracle.” Everyone at home was waiting for a miracle. But it never came. My father left our warm, big family.

After this event, I was deeply sad for a long time. But through the care of my friends and teachers, I realized that death is an unstoppable occurrence and that I would learn to cope. But, the following event had arrived. Increasing my stress.

Two years after my father died, a new family member arrived. During these two years, people always asked me and my sister if we wanted to lessen my mother’s burdens. But we didn’t want to. We had thought about the burdens my mother faced, but the pain of my dad’s death was too strong. I didn’t want to go to school anymore. But, my mother would always remind me of the roads that education paved. No matter what, she would pay for our education. Her words deeply impacted me and allowed me to understand the challenges that our mother faced.

From this day on, I was determined to do my best in school. Later on, my stepfather joined our family. Our families were similar: two children, one brother and one sister. The brother had already started working while the daughter was in elementary school. The financial stresses that they were under a lot of stress. I’m worried for their health. So, I work hard in school to take care of them better.

Through adolescence and growing up, we may face many different struggles. But we must persevere. Past all the challenges lies a future of happiness!

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