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Abigail was born in the capital city of Grand Cape Mount County in 1999. Her father abandoned her mother once he discovered she was pregnant; Abigail never learned his name or anything about him. Abigail's mother, Nancy, struggled desperately to take care of her and send her to school but never could raise the money. Rather than see Abigail's life go to waste, her aunt offered to take Abigail and support her in school. This is how Abigail came to live in West Point, one of the most challenging areas on Earth to live as a young girl. For the past 10 years Abigail has lived in a two-bedroom mud brick house with her aunt, uncle, and 6 other children. Her mother has visited her only a few times over the past decade. Her aunt survives by selling water and soft drinks while her uncle rarely comes home from his job as a security guard, a job which in Liberia rarely pays more than $80USD per month. Despite this hardship, Abigail is determined to take school seriously and is one of the brightest students on the campus. She is a natural caregiver and can regularly be seen taking care of the smaller children or helping clean up around the campus.