Advocacy Development Ebook Project's Blog

Update from Turning Point Trust

At Turning Point we are very excited about running the Advocacy Development e-book project in 2011. There The transition class is full of new students who started in January, all at very different levels in literacy. We believe this project will be a really fun and exciting way for the kids to develop their reading and writing and to stretch their imaginations.

Brighton is a student from transition class, he loves making up stories and acting them out with his friends during break time - the stories usually involve action heroes! The e-book project will give Brighton the opportunity to get his stories down on paper and to share them with the world online. Brighton, is an imaginative and curious kid who is brilliant at creating fun wherever he finds himself. Growing up in Kibera does not need to stop him from achieving in life, the e-book project will also help the children in Transition class to process and work through some of the tough things they have experienced living in Kibera, enabling them to rise above and look with excitement to what their future holds.

In May 2011 we will have the volunteers needed to facilitate our project.

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