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My thank you for allowing me to be in school

Dear Givology,
Allow me to say thank you to you and all those who have made my dream come true. I used to wonder how from the poverty my family was in I could further my education but when Keframa College came to my village and it opened a door for me to enroll into the Givology program, I knew God had come to rescue me. Since 2011 when I got this chance I have taken the most out of it. I believe I am now a few steps away from reaching my wish of being able to support myself and those around me in future. I look forward to sitting my end of ‘O’ levels national examinations and believes that the future is bright for me and my future family too. Thank you for the kind hearts you continue to extend to children like me across the globe.
Many blessings to you and all those who sponsor me and other children like me.
Akwero Harriet Ezama
Senior Four student at Keframa College

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