AHEAD Energy Corporation works with energy-poor communities to assemble the resources needed to develop local energy services, making them available to improve lives and livelihoods in ways that safeguard the natural environment.

As a 501c3 not-for-profit enterprise focused on localized, environmentally-sound, scalable, AHEAD provides energy transitions that improve lives and livelihoods in poor communities. AHEAD uses charitable dollars to overcome initial barriers in bringing conscientious energy solutions to poor communities, paving the way for local ventures to develop and expand. In particular, AHEAD is focused on providing reliable energy by developing natural gas resources that can work in tandem with renewable energy technologies. AHEAD is housed at the University of Rochester, New York, USA, and taps the resources of academia to address energy development in a holistic manner.

Most recently, AHEAD Energy is partnering with the Peace Nursery and Primary School in Uganda to generate on-site energy. Three renewable sources of energy will be installed: wind power, solar power, and biogas. Electricity will be generated to power lights, refrigerators, small appliances, and perhaps computers. Biogas will power kitchen stoves. Mechanical power will pump water.


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