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Hannah is fifteen years old and lives with her twin sister, brother, and mother in Akrofoso. Her father passed away before she and her twin sister were born. Although Hannah has faced severe financial issues in her life, she has excelled in school. Her teachers have recommended her for a scholarship because she is unable to afford basic necessary items to support her education. She does not have the funds to afford school uniforms or textbooks, pencils, papers, etc. While Hannah’s mother works very hard to support her four children, she cannot do it alone. Hannah has extreme potential but desperately needs financial support so that one day she attain her dream job of being a nurse.


  • Update

    School: Adu Gyamfi Senior High School Current level in school: Form 1 Course of study: General Arts Future career: Hannah Senior wants to be nurse in the future in order to help her community members What Hannah Senior said: “I’m at this stage in education because of this scholarship and I’m working hard to retain my scholarship so that my dream of becoming nurse will become a reality. I have come to realize that without education you can’t achieve your aims in life so my youth should know this and take their schooling very seriously. May God bless all the sponsors for helping me to become a nurse in the future. Amen” Report: Hannah’s report is not ready since her school has not yet provided it
  • Hannah Sr. Starts High School

    Afrakomah Hannah Sr. is one of three students who were able to pass their Basic education exam to gain admission to the High School in her village of Akrofoso. She is now in her first year of Senior High School. In May 2011, Afrakoma lost her mother which made her an orphan since her father died a long time ago. She finds solace in the fact that there are people like you who cares and are supporting her to achieve her dreams of becoming a nurse. She and her other sibblings are being cared for by their grandmother who is only a subsistence farmer. Hannah Sr. studies Economics, Geography, Christian Religious Studies and Government.