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  • Youth Expo: An enthralling experience

    On February 2010, Givology Korean chapter engaged in a Youth Expo organized in Seoul, Korea. Over hundred youth activities from different fields were gathered to advertise their works and invite members. Our chapter found the Expo a great opportunity to promote us. The first step was to make posters and pamphlets explaining Givology and Givology Korean chapter and its progress. Then we made badges with Givology logo to distribute as souvenir for people visiting Givology corner. The activities we prepared for the expo was face-painting and video-clip show. Among our members was a student very talented at art; She prepared face-painting of apple symbolizing Givology logo for kids visiting our corner. On the day of the expo, we went to the site early morning and attended opening ceremony explaining the purpose of Youth expo. After the ceremony, we decorated Givology corner: the poster was hung on the top, the laptop playing video clip we pictured regarding lack of primary education in ...
  • Cheong Shim International Academy Donation Campaign

    Time: 2010. 06. 15 ~ 06. 17 Place: Cheong Shim International Academy For the biggest festival of CSIA, Givology Korea Chapter members gathered around to prepare for donation campaign; for 2 weeks, we made posters and pamphlets to advertise the donation campaign and planned campaign schedule at CSIA Festival. However, the reality is not the same as we expected to be. Even though we’ve done bake sale on May, the donation campaign at CSIA Festival was completely different from bake sale because this campaign didn’t give donors any substantial recompense for their donation, which we did in bake sale. Sometimes, when our members explain Givology system and ask for donation, people just walk away or say that they don’t have money. However, mostly, when CHOA members explain Givology system and ask for donation, people (students, teachers, and parents) didn’t hesitate to open their wallets because they recognize that child education is crucial to development, and everyone has right to have ...