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Anisa is a goofy, 7 year old girl with a competitive spirit and a love of sports and Carrom Board. Anisa will be the first member of her family to ever attend school, a fact she is well aware of and
wears as a badge of honor.
Anisa's young mother had been raised in a nomadic atmosphere, constantly moving as her parents migrated regularly in search of work. Because of this influence, Anisa and her family moved regularly between India and Nepal. Bhaktapur has always been a kind of homebase for the family, but only for several months each year.
Last year we announced that in 2018 we would be sending several children to school on a full scholarship. In order to be considered the students would first need to attend classes for one year at a local government school with whom we partner. This was the first year that Anisa and her family stayed in Bhaktapur all year around for as long as we have known them. It became clear that Anisa's family is motivated to help her to receive the education she deserves, even if that requires them to change their lifestyle.
Anisa is doing exceptionally well in school today and has missed very few classes since she began earlier this year! We are thrilled that not only does Anisa now have access to a good education, she is also gaining more stability in her day to day life!


  • Updates from Anisa! August 2019

  • Updates from Anisa!

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  • My January Update

    [font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]It has been a crazy month at Happy Kids Center and Laxmi has been having the time of her life! Between Happy Kids Center's 3rd birthday, Dashain Festival, Halloween, and Tihar Festival, she has been very busy! But, don't worry, that has not stopped her from staying focused in school! [font=tahoma, sans-serif]Anisa'[/font]s 2rd term in school finished last week and we have great news! Laxmi passed with distinctions, earning a score of[font=tahoma, sans-serif] 92[/font]% on her term exams. She was present in class 5[font=tahoma, sans-serif]9[/font] out of the 65 days this term. Last term [font=tahoma, sans-serif]Anisa[/font] was ranked number [font=tahoma, sans-serif]21[/font] in her class, and this term she is ranked number [font=tahoma, sans-serif]3[/font]![font=tahoma, sans-serif] This is a HUGE jump! Anisa has become significantly more confident, and her teacher says she is participating more and more every day! [/font]We are very pro...