Amar Seva is a school that provides education for children of domestic workers, rickshaw pullers and also for children of other poor family. The school also runs evening classes for women, who work during the day. The purpose of the Amar Seva school is to promote literacy by providing poor children and women a quality education and other skills to make them independent. As a grassroots initiative, Amar Seva provides moral, mental and material support to families and children, with the main objective of encouraging all students to develop confidence, self-respect, and a greater ability to contribute back to society. The school is fully registered as a non-profit under the 1958 Society Registration Act 1958.


  • Update Letter!

    An update from Radhika Maheshwari about India and Amar Seva: For the last four years I had not visited India, it had become completely unrecognizable. Malls twice the size of American Malls every mile, Industrial Parks and offices sky-high, and apartment complexes so large they often form cities of their own. The modernization of India excited me, not only because of the infrastructure improvements, but also because it provided jobs to hundreds of people. Yet in all of this positivity lays an ugly truth, which is that, the gap between the rich and poor only increases. The rich lead a luxurious life, where as the poor struggle to earn even two dollars a day. One of the biggest issues that India’s poor faces is that there is no value of education. They live by the motto that education is a luxury not a necessity. I was shocked to hear that this was the main belief, considering on all streets, alleyways, highways, and billboards there are advertisements relating to education. What majo...

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