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Angel is an incredibly intelligent, dedicated and motivated student, who works hard to reach his goal of becoming a doctor to help his community. He says that he hopes to help his community, and consequently help his country, and he realizes that studying a lot is the most efficient path to reach that goal. Angel would most like the change the poverty in his community because seeing the extreme poverty around him with many people going without food or basic necessities makes him sad.


  • Update from Angel!

    Hi my name is Angel Gaona Rojas and I graduated the Instituto Cultural Reinaldo 5 years ago. I have had the privilege of studying at Mount Saint Marys University in Maryland for the last four years after receiving a full scholarship immediately after graduating high school in Paraguay. From the time I was 10 years old I envisioned myself studying Medicine so upon electing my major at the university level I opted to major in Chemistry since my university didnt offer Pre-Med as an option. My adjustment to the U.S was a bit challenging the first year as absolutely everything was different from what my life was like in Paraguay. After my first year I felt much more comfortable and I had even made a few friends. I am and always have been a very quiet individual, I enjoy keeping to myself and appreciate peace and quiet and find it absolutely necessary now that I have enrolled at George Washington University. Towards the end of my time at Mount Saint Marys I was encouraged my my advisor...


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