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I come from a family of six children. My mum is a widow since our dad died in 2003. She cannot support my education, so I'm seeking help to pursue my goals.

My mum is unable to provide a well-balanced diet for the family. What we have is always inadequate. Whenever we pay half the school fees we owe, we are sent home, so we study there while others are in school. This drags on our performance.

My goal is to be a doctor for the following reasons:
-To help the nation
-To save lives
-To help the needy
-To help the entire community and the family at large.


  • Appreciation for your support

    Dear Givology, I first of all would like to extend my warm greetings to you all at Givology. I am indeed happy to say experience such a loving hand and heart extended to me through this scholarship program. How great it has been for me to be able to relate with Keframa College and to be able to know the amazing people at Givology who made it possible for me to be in school. Because of your support, I am now in form five this year. It is my prayer that I make it to the university in just two three years time so I am able to help my community in return too. My relatives are all grateful for your support and I share in their feelings as well of such kind hearts you at Givology and other sponsors around the world have for me. Please, extend my appreciations to my sponsors. God bless you, Akullu Sharon Lonna
  • Typed letter from Akello

    WII-GWENG, BAR-OGOLE PARISH, LIRA, 16 / 08 / 2010. I am called Akello Sharon Lona, born on 01st / sept. / 1995 in the family of six with me being the 5th . I am an orphan living with my poor mother whose responsibility is held within the risk of only food and inadequate medical care. I am currently in senior one at St Mary Magdalene Girls. My father died in 2003 and since then our education is highly affected because something I have sent back home for school fees but my poor mother only says. “God, have mercy and intervene in this situation” I want to be a doctor in future but I have no one to support me. I therefore appeal to you to assist me and support me to achieve my desired goal. I will grateful if my request is granted. Yours faithfully, ……………… Akello Sharon Lona.