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I am seventeen years old and the first born in our family. I want to become a teacher but my family cannot support my education.

I would like to become a teacher for the following reasons:

-To help me get a job in the future.
-To help the nation.
-To help my family.
-To help the community.
-To develop the world by teaching young kids.


  • Appreciation letter to you

    Dear Givology, Allow me to thank God who brought this great opportunity from you to me. It was through this encounter with your great program that was able to continue my education. I enjoyed my first two years under this scholarship program but I was sad that last year third term sickness did not allow me to be in class most of the time. I am however grateful for the kind support Keframa College gave me. This year has however been different and I am back in class normally. I want to thank you greatly for supporting my education and I pray that God Almighty rewards you and my sponsors abundantly. Yours faithfully, Awor Susan
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  • Handwritten letter from Awor