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SHEED Society is managing Non Formal Education (NFE) School in red light area Lahore to provide education for children of sex workers. SHEED Society donated the building for this school and this building has two classrooms. Each classroom has capacity to accommodate 30 students. SHEED Society started the school in this building in 2005 and at that time, this building was renovated by SHEED from its own funds. Currently in two classes 43 students are enrolled and getting the education. Both classrooms are not in good conditions and there is dire need to renovate the both classrooms immediately. Furniture for the both classes was purchased in 2005.Student chairs and desks have been repaired twice in last five years but most of student chairs and desks have broken and there is need to purchase new furniture for the school.
Renovation of the classrooms and provision of the new furniture for school is necessary for create conducive environment for quality education. School renovation and provision of the furniture will help to increase the enrollment and reduce the dropout rate of the children.

Most of the expenses of the school are being managed by SHEED from its own funds. Givology has provided us some funds to meet the cost of salaries of two teachers for a period of nine months and supported us to meet the educational expenses of one student.


SHEED Society is working in red light areas of Pakistan since 1995. Initially SHEED started its work by raising awareness among female sex workers for prevention of STIs and HIV&AIDS. Over the period, it was learnt by SHEED that children of sex workers are also vulnerable to STIs and HIV&AIDS as they face physical and sexual abuse. Children of sex workers are discriminated in the government schools and are not given admission in the government schools only due to profession of their mothers. It was also observed that female sex workers themselves are uneducated and they do not understand the importance of education. They were not in favor of education of their children and had onion that their children have to become sex workers. It was also observed that many of young girls were forced to adopt the prostitution as profession as they had no other options available for them. As the result of this whole situation, children of sex workers were facing abuse at home and work place.
To improve the situation of children of sex workers and for protection of their rights SHEED Society started Apni Taleem (Our Education) project in red light area Lahore to provide education for the children of sex workers. Through this project, SHEED is also involved in advocacy activities with the administrators of government and private schools to lobby for mainstreaming of children of sex workers in formal education system. Through Apni Taleem Project SHEED started Non Formal Education (NFE) schools in 2005 in Red Light Area Lahore for children of sex workers.


In the last five years, SHEED enrolled more than 750 children of female sex workers in SHEED’s NFE School. Mothers and caretakers of the enrolled children were also sensitized on the importance of education for the children and protection from abuse. At school, a very conducive and learning environment was provided by SHEED for the children. Well-trained teachers helped the students to learn the basics of English, Urdu, Mathematics, History and Islamic studies. Children were also involved in extra curriculum activities like participation in drawing, speech competition and games. To acquaint the children with environment of government and private schools SHEED also organized different joint activities with government and private schools over the period of last two years. SHEED NFE children actively participated in these activities and won various competitions. With the endeavors of SHEED’s teachers and hard work of the children, SHEED was able for admission of 211 NFE children in government and private schools for their mainstreaming in formal education system. SHEED Society ensured the regular interaction with the mainstreamed children and their teachers to identify the need of required additional support for the mainstreamed children. From last two years, SHEED teachers are also providing the additional support in form of home tuition for the mainstreamed children and this has resulted in continuation of education of mainstreamed children.

Team Credentials

Ms. Lubna Tayyab - General Secretary - Matric - 15 year experience to work with the female sex workers on prevention of HIV&AIDS and Child rights.

Mr.Tayyab Hassan Shah - Financial Officer - B.A. LLB - 15 years experience to work with SHEED on financial management

Mr.Bashir Anjum - Consultant - M.Sc .( Hons) Rural Development - 11 years of experience to work with national and international organization in field of reproductive health, Family Planning, HIV&AIDS, adolescent & child rights. Have experience in project development and project management

Ms. Rafia Shahzad - Field Supervisor/ Additional Teacher - Matric - Five years experience of teaching with SHEED Society and field experience to implement the community mobilization activities