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Bishal Dyola is just about always guaranteed to be the coolest guy in the room. Full of charisma and confidence, Bishal is as comedic as he is kind. Behind this cool guy exterior, Bishal is actually a compassionate and emotional boy.
At a very young age Bishal's mother left him and his family, and his father followed suit shortly after. For the better part of Bishal's life he was raised by his grandmother in a small home in Bhaktapur and attended the Proxima International Academy. They are humble people, so until we came across the elderly woman begging in the street earlier this year we hadn't known they were struggling. Until recently Bishal's grandmother had worked cleaning bathrooms at a local school, but in her old age she could not hold the job and she was let go with no pension or security.
Recently, Bishal has had to make the transition from his role as a dependent to caregiver for his grandmother. It is not uncommon at Bishal's age for boys to dropout of school and begin working, but his grandmother has refused to let him do so, despite having no income at all. It was her dream to see Bishal graduate, and we are committed to helping her see this through. With the help of Bishal's sponsor through EducateHKC, Bishal is able to continue his studies at Proxima International Academy through graduation. We are looking forward to seeing Bishal's continued growth over the next several years!


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