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My name is Beth Awuor. I was born in Kibera. I am the oldest of three children and I have two sisters. Together, we live in a one room house. My father passed away when I was eight years old when he caught an disease that was unable to be treated. After his death, my mother started a small business selling ground nuts. However, the money she brought home was not enough to take care of all of us, so we depended on my uncle, who had a family of his own, to support us.

I began my schooling at a school called Jamii and went there from preschool to Grade 1. I then moved to a school called the Stara Rescue Center--a school for orphans and the poor. The entirety of my primary education has been at that school.

When my mother found a new job, I was unable to attend tuition because I had to take care of my younger sister. My performance was dropping. In class seven, I stayed home weeks at a time because my family could not afford me leaving for school. While I was at home, however, I was unable to read ahead of the teacher because I lacked the resources to do so. In addition, I was often sent home from school because I did not have school shoes because they were torn. In class eight, a charitable organization helped to pay my registration fees. In my national exam, I was able to obtain a 344. I hope to be able to get a scholarship so that I can continue my education and become a lawyer one day.


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