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As a part of TCF's mission to bring brighter futures to all the children in our community, we fund special medical treatments for local children who suffer from debilitating or isolating deformities. The amount shown covers more than 10 surgeries in a year including operations to help a child correct issues such as cleft lip or club feet that when left unattended would put their future and livelihood at risk.


TCF partners with surgical centers across Northern Tanzania to provide care to children who need specialized care outside what our clinic can provide. Deformities, such as cleft lip or club feet, are common, but their long-term effects on children's lives are serious. The surgeries themselves are highly successful when treated at a young age. Making these treatments accessible to our community members has a big impact on their future livelihoods.


Examples of lives changed in 2017 by this fund include: a 7-year old boy and 10-year old young man were treated for club foot by Plaster House in Arusha. A 4-month old boy was referred to Plaster House in Arusha to correct cleft palate and failure to thrive. A 1-month old male with teratomas on his neck and sacrum was surgically treated at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center.

Team Credentials

Our highly qualified partners include the Foundation for African Medical and Education (located in Karatu), Plaster House (Arusha), Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (Moshi) and Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (Arusha).



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