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Cristian David is 22 years old. His family is made up of four members, his mother, his father, his older sister and himself. Christian David’s first months of living were normal; however, before he learned how to speak and walk he was diagnosed with autism. Before he was diagnosed his family realized he did not follow rules very well, did not like changes and was not comfortable around people other than his family. When Christian David was diagnosed with autism the lives of his family changed forever.

Even though medical doctors and health care professionals told Christian David’s family that he wouldn't be able to read and write, he did. He also takes showers, dresses himself and even learned to ride a bicycle. Since Cristian David was diagnosed with autism he has been taking medication and receives psychological, language and occupational therapies. When he became a teenager he started to have epilepsy attacks. Because of his special diagnosis his family spends a lot of money not only on medication but also on therapies and on his special education.

Christian David attends a school where he receives special education. He is in 10th level. Regardless of his diagnosis he has blessed his family by teaching them to accept others and to love everyone regardless of their differences and helping them to be closer. His family is currently trying to teach his son to do something that allows him to earn money but most importantly something that allows him to be involved and be part of the community where he lives. Christian David’s dream is to become a truck driver.