• I love the ideas I get from reading

    Recently, I haven’t had much rest because of my schoolwork. However, I have also been realizing how thankful I should be. There are so many times when I complain about the intensity of work, the piling papers and problem sets I have to get to, and the never-ending waves of exams, but the fact that this is my biggest challenge right now is such a blessing. Education is one of the greatest gifts that we could ever receive and this humbles me. I have been looking over the bios of students that we sponsor, students who are looking to be supported so they could go to school. Reading Janet D’s bio made me smile because she loves to read. To her, it is the ideas that she gets from reading that make her love it so much. She is sponsored by our partner “More Than Me” whose mission is to get girls off the street and into school in Liberia. This organization points out that educating children helps reduce poverty. School is a place of support and it empowers a child to have a voice in society....