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Claudine scored so high after her first year of enrollment in the AMCAV program (providing first-time education for vulnerable children in 3 small eastern Congolese villages) that authorities determined she should skip the next grade (6) and go directly to grade 7, at a middle school known as "Orientation Cycle" (CO). She excelled in her first year there. Then tragedy struck. First the hut where she and her family lived burned down, forcing them to relocate to another AMCAV-supported community. Once there, her mother was raped and, not wanting to inflict shame on her children, she abandoned them, leaving them in the care of an elderly woman. With the woman's and later her mother's permission, the AMCAV team brought Claudine to the nearest town, where the quality of education is much higher than in the villages. Claudine aspires to be a journalist. She lives with a trusted family. She excelled the first year, but only with the help of a tutor. We want to ensure Claudine's continued success by keeping the tutor. Claudine recognizes her good fortune in attending the school, and returns to stay with her siblings during holidays. She writes (translated from French):

I say thank you to all the people of good will that support vulnerable children like me for the advancement of their education in DRC. Thanks to the education you have provided to me, I will be one of the great helpful women of society and I will never forget to support the children in the same category as myself.


  • Introduction from Claudine

    Attached is a letter from Claudine to introduce her to Givology. She is an incredible student with an incredible story to share. Please consider supporting her education! [img]/images/user/17622_6173683311636278286.png[/img] Translation of Claudine's letter: I am Claudine Kigwasa, student of the second year of Cycle of Orientation (CO, or middle school) Action Kusaidia Education Complex of Uvira. I thank the Green family for having paid for my studies. I was born into a poor family without a father and of a mother driven away from the locality of Rwenena. Being that I am an offspring of violence (rape), I am without a person of goodwill who can support my studies in my family. I say thank you to Mrs. Annette Scarpitta, who has thought of the vulnerable children of DRC for their education [pannai] for which I have also been identified through AMCAV, headed by Mrs Bernadette Ntumba. I say thank you to all the people of good will that support vulnerable children like me for the adv...