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Christina and her twin, Christopher, were born in Oldeani Village in 1999. In June of 2006, we brought both Christina and Christopher to live at RVCV after the loss of their parents.

Christina has a 100-watt smile. She is a complete prankster, and keeps everyone on their toes. Unflappable with an easy-going nature, Christina marches to her own beat. As a strong student, Christina loves to write and is always brimming with ideas to put on paper. She is a good friend to all of the girls in her house. She naturally pitches in to help and takes her role as one of the leaders in the house in stride. She loves to listen to American music.

Update: Christina graduated from Form Four in 2017, which completed her secondary school education! She is now awaiting higher education as she works through medical issues. Christina's dream is to attend college in Dar es Salaam and study film production. Christina loves to read, especially thriller and mystery books. Since graduating from secondary school, Christina has visited the ocean with her fellow graduates and passed her drivers license test. We are excited to see what this creative young lady accomplishes next!


  • Getting Ready for National Exams!

    Christina like Hosiana, is preparing for her National Exam and racing toward the finish line of graduation! Christina is a teenage dream; steady, happy and delightful. She is a good student, a joy to be around and we are very proud of her! [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/4166_9629908946072971837.png[/img][/font]
  • An Update from Christina!

    [font=arial, sans-serif]Christina is going into her last year of Secondary School before A-levels. She is quite the story-teller and if you have to be careful if youre gullible enough. She once convinced me she was leaving at 5 in the morning the next day. Imagine my surprise when she was still around! Her creativity stems from her love of reading. Something we encourage her to pursue! Her story-telling is also complete with silly voices and accents. She could very well be an actress someday![/font][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/4166_12048402267379348307.png[/img][/font]
  • Tanzanian Children's Fund Student Update!

    Below is an update from the Tanzanian Children's Fund! We're excited to share her uplifting personality has aided her academics as well as the communities she interacts with. Christina passed the Form 2 National Exam! And has started Form 3 at St. Theresa Secondary School. Christina’s presence is missed at the village while she is away at school. Ever the lovable goofball, she is positive, helpful, and a joy to have around. Christina loves to be with friends, watch movies, and read. She likes reading scary books like “Goosebumps,” but you won’t ever catch her watching any scary movie! She likes to imitate different accents she hears and try different voices, though not in front of too many people. But if it would make you happy and make you laugh, she would do it for you! [img]/images/user/4166_12638571633543546050.jpg[/img]
  • Fall Update 2014!

    Christina is growing into a mature young woman. When home at RVCV she is endlessly positive and helpful, especially with her younger 'brothers and sisters'. With the Form 2 National Exam just around the corner, Chrstina spends lots of her free time studying with her peers. We look forward to seeing how she does, and watching her progress to Form 3! [img]/images/user/4166_14769623152689979361.jpg[/img]
  • Christina's First Update of 2014!

    [img]/images/user/4166_9691148677905813208.jpg[/img] Of all the children living at the Rift Valley Children’s Village, Christina is a wonderfully bright, positive and friendly individual. Confident yet respectful, Christina enjoys to relax with her friends in and out of school and also likes to make friends with our staff and volunteers. We are so proud of Christina, she has no trouble chatting to adults in English or Swahili. When home from school, Christina enjoys living in Manyara house with 12 other young girls. A natural leader, Christina is comfortable acting as big sister to the younger girls to help lighten the load for each of the house mama’s. As Christina progresses through Form 2 we’re confident she’ll perform well in this year’s National Exam!