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Letter and Grades

Here are Carolina's grades for last semester:

Here she is at a Saturday activity held by Give Opportunity:

And lastly a letter to her sponsors:

Hi, this is Carolina. The purpose of my letter is to tell you a bit of what I have been doing and what has been happening these last couple of months. During November I had my birthday, on the 8th! It was super nice like all my birthdays. I spent it with my family and my mom baked a cake. It was a small celebration. At the end of November I was informed that I made it to the “Honor Roll” and on December 6th, they told me I was “abanderada” (this is the title that is given to the best student of the entire school). This brought a lot of happiness to my parents and my grandfather, that day, all my siblings and their families, my grandma and great grandma came. She (the great grandma) is now 98 years old and she is very special for the entire family because she still has a sharp mind, she doesn’t use glasses and she also does everything on her own.

I spent Christmas with my mom, dad and my two sisters at home. It was nice since even though we were not that many people, we were surrounded by the great love we have for each other.

In January, I went on vacation with a friend and his family, for a week, to Potrero de Garay, which is a very nice place in Cordoba. It is very tranquil, businesses are 10 blocks away, and there are cows, horses and some dogs. It was a nice experience.

In February, my youngest sister turned 15 years old and my friend and I made her a street sign. Here everything is expensive and we couldn’t afford to buy one so we decided to make it ourselves. It is very common here when you turn 15 or 18. It’s a piece of cloth that you hang across the street. It always has a nice phrase and some type of drawing.

In March I started school and it was hard to start waking up early every day at 6:30am. That part is not so nice...hahaha. I am attending my last year of high school, 6th year, and this year I hope to work on my “shyness” that little by little, I am getting over.

After high school, I would like to continue studying Economics since I like math. But before, I would like to take an orientation (we do this at GO for them to evaluate everything that’s out there), to really know what I want and to make sure that is really what I like.

I am very thankful for your sponsorship and very happy since you are giving me the opportunity to continue my studies.

Time to say my goodbyes with a kiss, a hug and a great thank you.


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