Founded in 2005, Circle of Friends for Kids set a goal to educate and provide hope for an impoverished students in Kenya. The founding members of the Circle of Friends for Kids have seen and experienced this kind of living first-hand.

Circle of Friends for Kids is a 501-c3 tax-exempt charitable organization registered in Pennsylvania.

Our main objective is to give education grants to as many kids as we can. By giving a less fortunate kid a chance, we have met our goal.

The organization's goal for the 2008 - 2009 academic year is to triple the number of kids they are currently sponsoring and maintain that number throughout the 2009 academic calendar.

Circle of Friends for Kids believes that their geographical location at the present gives them access to resources that we can divert to help talented, but poor students. The annual tuition for one child in Kenya is Ksh 15,000 which is approximately US $ 244. This means that for only US $ 20.00 a month, a donor can educate a high school student in Kenya for the entire academic year.


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