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Chandan is an exceptionally bright child. Not only is Chandan already intellectually ahead of his peers, his emotional intelligence and compassion are far beyond what is to be expected from a 7 year old.
None of this is a surprise though if you have met Chandan's family. Chandan's parents and all of his siblings are some of the kindest people you will ever encountered. Chandan's parents are always trying their best to do right by their children, but life has not always been kind to them. Their role in society has limited their options, but they find small ways to help their children have pride in themselves and compassion for others.
Chandan and his siblings have never been allowed to beg in the street the way many
of their peers do. Upon asking his mother why she responded, "No child should spend their days like stray dogs, if they are rejected over and over they will think they cannot ever become something."
Similarly, Chandan's parents have refused to marry their daughter until she is at least 18 years old (with the help of HKC's Child Marriage Prevention Program.)
For Chandan's older siblings, despite also being extraordinarily intelligent, formal education was never quite within their grasp. While they were never asked to beg in the street, they spent most of their youth collecting plastic and cardboard from trash
pits around the city to sell for pennies. EducateHKC is giving Chandan a shot at a different kind of childhood, and ultimately a very different future.


  • Updates from Chandan!

    Updates from Chandan.
  • Updates from Chandan!

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