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Response to Elisa Alvarez

[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Part of Givology's mission is to create connections! Donor Elisa Alvarez wrote a letter to Francois and below is his response!
[img]/images/user/16177_13610288345382220881.png[/img][/font][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Hi Elisa Alvarez Puertas[/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]I write to you in response to the letter you sent to me. I received your message. I hereby, want to promise you that I won't be like the teacher that actually killed your mathematics skills. I promise you to demonstrate an open mind towards my students.[/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Talking about my country, it's called Republic of Benin. It's a beautiful country. I specifically live in a rural area called Tori Bossito and my school name is CEG Tori Agouako. I now pass to grade 10 (called seconde in French which is the fifth class in high school) with a global mark of 12.40 out of 20. [/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]In order to encourage you dear godmother, I commit myself to pass next year too no matter what happens.[/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Regards![/font]
[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]AKODJENOU Francois[/font]

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