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  • Partner Feature: Cercle Social

    I recently interviewed David Kebo, the president of Cercle Social, a Givology partner dedicated to improving education in Benin. [img][/img] [b]1. [i]Why did you start Cercle Social - what was your inspiration?[/i][/b] Cercle Social USA was initiated in October 2010 in Saint Louis, Missouri with the collaboration of young Benin citizens. The organization started as a group of young people who shared the desire to take action for the development of their country by improving the quality of education. After interacting with other fellows living in the United States and abroad, the group came to realize that many others shared the same interest and were willing to join the cause. The idea of ‘Cercle’ came from there. Cercle means Circle in French and describes the community of people acting as one for the same cause. Cercle Social USA started its first activities in Benin in November 2010. [b][i]2. How do you measure your ...