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Even though Celco School has been providing education to children in the community for many years, the lack of financial resources has limited the school's technology resources. The purpose of the project is to purchase computer equipment to help make the administration of the school more efficient.


Celco School has been present in Paz de Ariporo, a rural town for about 40 years. As one of the few Christian schools in the region, Celco emphasizes teaching values in its curriculum. In particular, the school targets low income families to assist the most vulnerable children in the community. Recently, the school has embarked on reforming and improving its curriculum, focusing on technology education (computer learning) and English classes. Celco has currently seven teachers to fulfill its mission. The school does have a computer lab, but the hardware is rather outdated.


Even though Celco School would ideally benefit from upgraded computers to teach children, they are asking for only one, in order to improve their service to parents. This new computer will be used to assist students and parents in: correspondence, grades reports, certificates, accounting, and other administrative tasks. A new computer will help students and their families get the information they need in an easier and faster manner.

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This project will support the work of Celco School by improving the efficiency of their administrative functions, critical to better servicing students and their families.


  • Project Report from the Celco School

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  • Update from Celco School!

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