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A little more about me and an update on my life

My name is Wang Cheng Mei. I am 15 years old this year, and I am currently studying in BaiSha Middle School in Yulong County. I am an optimistic, cheerful girl - difficulties and obstacles will never bring me down. Unfortunately, when I was in grade 2, my dad was robbed in the city, leaving him penniless. Ever since then, his mentality has weakened, and as he aged, his body also wasted away. Dad is almost 50 years old now, and only in recent years did we find out that he actually had rheumatism and brain atrophy. We asked him to receive treatment, but he strongly refused, because the cost of the treatment is very expensive. Every year his feet would get swollen, and he would often faint. Instead, my brother became my familys pillar, holding us together. In order to provide for my education, he left school and began working. At the time, he had only completed his third year of secondary school.

Due to various problems, my mom became responsible for all the farm work, house chores and errands in the family. My dad would always be drinking, and afterwards he would argue with my mom. Thus, my family is always unhappy. Since my mom is the only one working, she cannot farm a lot of land. She only managed to plant some potatoes and corn. Our family owns a pig and a few chickens. Whenever we have to harvest corn, my brother would have to come back home to help my mom, and then go looking for a job again.

Since my home is quite far from school, I decided to live at school to save money for the car fee and to give myself more time to study. I would only return home when I had a long holiday break, and when I did, my mom would get even more stressed. However, when I am at home I try to help her with some errands; for example, cooking, cutting the food that is later on fed to the pig and helping my mom carry some corn or firewood. Last school semester, in order to collect enough money to pay for my school fees as well as enough spending money for me at school, my family borrowed some money from my brother in law; however, the money is returned now. I felt very bad, my family put in so much effort to support my education. I must work hard on my studies, and one day repay them.

The people in my village all know that my family is very poor, so they would always try to help us; for example, if we were to go to the city and had no car, they would take their car and bring us there. Sometimes the household errands that my mom could not do on her own, we would ask the village people. They were very willing to come and help. The people in my village are genuinely very kind; they expect a lot from me, hoping that I will study hard and one day be successful so that I can relieve the stress and burden of my family. I want to say to them: dont worry, I wont let you down. I will study and work very hard.

I usually like to sing songs and listen to music, because they help me forget about my problems and worries. I also like to draw, because it makes me feel relaxed. In the future, I want to become a designer; although it is unattainable, this would be my dream job! I will study hard.[font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/26509_8592093660994727912.png[/img][/font]

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