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How are you?

My sister Luo, I am Wang Chengmei from Yulong County, Lijiang City. Thank you for your continuous support and help. In my family, my father is sick all the year round, and my mother does a little bit of farming. With these difficulties with my family, my older brother pays the cost of my education. Pressure is huge. However, since I participated in the camp, my life had been improved a lot with the help from the bothers and sisters in the camp and the organization. I don’t know if I saw you at the summer camp. At that time it brought me a lot of happiness. Every time I see uncles, aunts, brothers, and sisters, I feel they all are very kind.

Now as a senior in high school, I have to go through the college entrance examination in less than two months. Although the pressure is very heavy, for my future and to live up to the expectations of my family and the uncles and aunts in Bei-Zhi Camp, I will continue to do my best. Don’t worry, my sister, I will manage my time effectively and work harder for the remaining 30 days. I will try to get a satisfactory grade and attend a good university.

Wish my sister good health, successful work, and happiness every day.


Wang Chengmei

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