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My name is Duhadzi Amorin. I come from Mafi Aborkope in the Volta Region of Ghana. I am eight years of age and dark complexion. I am two and a half feet tall. I am attending Mafi Aborkope D.A. Primary One and have good academic performance.

Mafi Aborkope Basic School is located in between Mafi Aborkope and Mafi Isati. Though the school building is uncompleted the compound look nice. I like the school so much because there is a proverb that says that, not where you are, but who you are. Through this it is my determination and zeal that I will be able to achieve my goal with the sense that, I can do something better for my home town and the whole nation in future. In fact, my basic desire is to be a teacher, because of my own teacher. I like the way he teach to help me understand. I selected English, Mathematics, and General Science as my best subjects. Even the teacher always compliment me, furthermore, through education you can be successful person.

I love my family because they are calm and humble to me. My father’s name is Duhadzi Vicent who is a mason and my mother’s name is Atitsusi Agnes who is a farmer.

I always am happy if I wake up in the morning and I praise Almighty God before I go to school and meet my fellow pupils. In fact, I love my friends who go to church with me to dwell in the word of God, but I feel sad if I am sick and go to the hospital.

Heaven is like the place where the righteous people would go after the death on this earth and the heaven is full with peace, love, joy, and unity.

To be an animal on this earth, I will like to be a sheep because it is prime in the presence of God because this animal is like Jesus. If you throw stone to it, it would not mind you.


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