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My name is Dziwornu Doeste. I come from Mafi-Gborkorfe in the Volta Region. I am sixteen years old and I am in class five. The reason for my schooling is to be a teacher. The subject I like best is Mathematics because that is what helps us to count money and to do primary calculations. My teacher is very good because when I do not understand something, my teacher explains it to me so that I do understand it. That is why I want to become a teacher.

My favorite food is banku and groundnut soup. What makes me happy is when I am playing soccer with my friends.

The names of my brother and sister are Dotse Francise and my sister is Dotse Mattilda. The age of my brother is 25 years old and my sister is 22 years old. My brother is a farmer and my sister is a hairdresser. They both live in the same village. I work on the farm with my parents and my brother .


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