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Dovole Hope is my name. I am nineteen years old. My best game is table tennis, and my favorite foods are Alcple and palmnut soup.

I am a pupil at Mafi Aborkofe School, and I am in class six. The subjects I like best are English, Mathematics, and Integrated Science because I want to become a medical doctor in the future. I get good grades because I study hard, do my homework every night, and I like going to school. I prefer Aborkofe Basic School to all other schools in the area because the teachers are committed to their duty and in terms of academic performance, Aborkofe primary is the best.

Education is important for me because education helps us to identify our potential or know what we might be good at later in life. It can also make us develop a positive attitude to work.

Mr. Icoti Abeku and Atsufe Aflamewu are my parents. They are small scale farmers who grow cassava, maize, and groundnut in order to provide for the family. I have only one brother and he is eleven years old and his name is Elikplim. I love him very much because he is respectful.