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Divya Jagadish comes from a family of four. Her family consists of her father, mother and brother. Divya is a very intelligent student, hard working and rarely misses a day of class. Her father is an electrician and mother is a house wife.

Though the father has a regular income, it appears to be enough just for day to day sustenance especially in these days of recession. Given this situation, it is a risk that the father would may pull one of the children from school, and since Divya is a girl, it would most likely be her who is deprived of schooling.

Her brother would stand a better chance of going to school because it is expected that he will support the family financially when he grows up, while Divya would be married off. Divya's dedication, hard work and the interest that she shows in studies will go a long way to enable her excel in her career. However, this cannot be realized without any financial assistance. Else, it will be a sheer waste of Divya's talent, hard work and dedication.


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