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Fundraising for students of the DoGoodAsYouGo art programs in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, China, Thailand, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and USA & Canada +
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Givology and are joining hands to achieve the common mission of grassroots impact in local communities through empowerment and education. It was held in NYC on June 5, 2013.

History partners with local, community-based organizations like ColectivoTAN473 across the globe, equipping travelers to connect, share skills and experiences along their journey and after they return home.


The fundraiser helps to both raise awareness and funding for over 50 students in 11 countries (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, China, Thailand, Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and USA & Canada) who had previously taken lessons from DoGoodAsYouGo and ColectivoTAN473 volunteers. 100% to go to the students and projects.

DoGoodAsYouGo Program Impact
Current global volunteer staff: 22

Partner Organizations: 18
(Across Asia, Africa and North, Central & South America)

Individuals that have benefited from Muskoka workshops in 2012: 202

Workshops 2012: 16

Other volunteer experiences: 29

Equipment and Technological support: Cameras, Laptops & Video Cameras in 14 organizations globally.

Team Credentials

The DoGoodAsYouGo movement has inspired hundreds of global volunteers in over 20 locations worldwide to use their skills in providing training workshops to youth living in challenging circumstances. Colectivo TAN has helped 255 young adults through 24 workshops and 2 summer camps since 2010



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