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I am a student from a poor family of a mountainous region, and I am very lucky to be able to attend high school in the county center. My family is from Yangpingguan, where the economy is very backward. My parents are hardworking farmers who don’t have fixed employment. Each year my father leaves the village to find temporary work, while my mother remains to farm. My mother works very hard and suffers a great deal, yet she is still very attentive to my brother and me, especially with regards to our schoolwork. Although my brother’s grades on the 2008 college entrance examinations were not ideal, he has chosen not to abandon his studies, a decision my parents respect. Even though our family is poor, my parents still allow my brother to continue to attend school. In addition to the costly tuition of 5000 yuan per semester, there are also high living expenses, and as a result my family’s financial situation has become more and more pressing. During the May 12th earthquake, my family’s home collapsed, and we are currently in the process of rebuilding. To construct our new house, my father borrowed a large sum of money, and because of this my parents must work even harder.

Because of my family’s poverty and my parents’ expectations of me, I never stop reminding myself to study well and repay my parents for what they have provided for me. I understand very well the great opportunity provided by education, as well as the difficulties my parents have had to face. My grades are high, and I believe that confidence and optimism will certainly bring me closer to achieving my dreams. Through consistent effort, I believe I can do better.


  • Update from Dan Yuan: May 2009

    Below is a recent update from Dan Yuan. Please message her back to show your continued support! -- Dear aunts and uncles, Hello! I have already received your generous donations. I'm very happy to be able to write to you again. First off, I have some good news to share with you: We've moved into a new school building, which provides a very good environment. All the students now live in dormitories, and everyone has settled in together rather well. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and given me the opportunity to go to this school to study. Ever since I entered high school, I've found that the burden on my shoulders has become a lot heavier. Having left my parents, I now have to rely on myself. When I run into problems, I feel a little scared. Sometimes I nearly think of giving up. I don't have much experience, even though I know that what I'm facing are just a few of life's many bumps in the road. Thinking about how weak I am, and thinking about my hardw...
  • Update from Dan Yuan!

    Greetings! I’m Dan Yuan, a first year high school student. I have received 500 RMB in funds as of May 15th. First off, I would like to thank you for your help in my schooling and life. I live in a rural area, my parents are both farmers, and my family is entirely dependent on my father’s income from working temporary jobs. During last year’s earthquake, my home collapsed. Since my older brother was also preparing to graduate from high school, my father had no choice but to stay home. Not only did my parents have to worry about our home, but they were also concerned about our school fees, and as a result we fell into financial trouble. It was then that you guys lent a helping hand and the power of your good-will has enabled me to become hopeful again. Your generous donation has allowed me to regain my confidence and courage to face life’s ups and downs. I have already spent a semester in high school, during which I have experienced many setbacks and disappointments, but I have also g...