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Everyday, no matter if it is raining, freezing or very hot out, we have school, and we have a lot of homework. In my free time, I like to practice the guitar and listen to music by Simple Plan. My biggest dream is to go to the United States to study. Then I would like to come back to my country, to my town, and help my people. I believe that everything is possible if one wants it, it is just a question of will.


About Tobatí:Tobatí is both a town and a provincial district within the department (state) of Cordillera, Paraguay. The population of the district of Tobatí is 21,315 of which 16,538 (75.5%) are under the age of 19. Over 33% of this population lives beneath the international poverty line while as high as 70% live in relative poverty. A large percentage of the houses in the region lack running water and electricity.

This poverty is especially prevalent in the region's rural villages, known as compañías. Most men and boys in the region work in small brick or tile factories that pay at most one or two dollars a day. A large number of girls work as domestic servants. Schools run in three or four hour shifts in order to allow for children to work and also due to overpopulation and a lack of resources in the local schools. Many children in Tobatí are employed.

About Macchi School: The education of a single person can have a positive effect on the lives of thousands of people. This principle is the foundation of the Macchi School. Located in a part of the world plagued by poverty and short horizons, the Macchi School is a tool that is being used to transform the South American district of Tobati into a better place for future generations to live.

The school provides a means for the community's brightest minds from the poorest neighborhoods and villages to be nurtured with the hope that they will not only complete a university program, but will return to to Tobati afterward to take up the difficult task of solving some of the town's most serious problems. To reach this goal the Macchi School offers a rigorous academic curriculum while at the same time, imparts a strong sense of public service on all of its students.


  • Update from Ever!

    Hello everyone! It has been a long time since my last update. So much has happened in the last few years and I would like to catch you up on my life. In exactly 1 year and 3 months I will finish my universities studies in English Linguistics. I have been ranked number one in my class for the last 3 years. I fell in love with the English language when I was about 16 years old and I have never looked back. I know that I will have some interesting opportunities in regards to my professional career because of my ability to read, write and speak English fluently. If the tourism industry were larger in Paraguay that could be an option and would definitely be something I would love to do. I love communicating in English and I love sharing my knowledge of my country and my country's culture with foreigners. The fact that tourism isnt exactly a booming industry in my country complicates things for me in that sense and I imagine that a career as a professor is more probable. Occasionally...
  • Another update from Ever

    To the people of Givology, Hello! I wanted to tell you to carry on ahead, because you are all doing a very good job: to help those in need and I congratulate you for that. Currently, I am 16 years old, and I view society like an adult. In Paraguay, there is percentage of unemployment, injustice, and corruption. Many young people do not take their lives seriously, and they go down a bad path, they smoke, drink alcohol, and go as far as taking drugs, aware that they are heading down a bad road. Why would they do that? Maybe it is because their parents leave them to go work in another country, in search of a better future, or perhaps because, living with their parents, the latter only ignore them and don’t give them the attention, affection, and love that they deserve, and they look for these things through other roads, exposed to so many dangers. Here, at the Instituto Reinaldo Macchi, we are being taught to fight these problems, beginning in our own city, which is Tobati, and little ...
  • Update from Ever!

    One of our translation associates, Lauren, wrote an individual letter to Ever and received the following reply: -- Dear Lauren, Hi! How are you? I am happy because I am about to finish classes for this year. You know, since I was little music has interested me, and that is why at nine years old I learned to play the guitar, and I like it. Music is a way of expressing our feelings and that is good. When I was in eighth grade, I discovered a group that would change my way of thinking and looking at things. I discovered Simple Plan through one of their songs: “Welcome to My Life,” and I liked its style and the lyrics. Then, I was discovering other songs. When I started JR9, (a level of CCP), I have an English teacher named Cecilia, and she showed me a Simple Plan CD, and that was how I listened to some of their other songs, like “Perfect”, “Shut Up”, and now I also discovered “Addicted”, “Perfect World,” “I’m Just a Kid,” and others. I have seen that, in life, we take different paths. ...