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My name is Elector Akoth. I am 14 years old. I was born in the Rongo District in South Nyanza. I am the third child born to a family of four children. My father has two wives, of which my mother is the older. When my parents passed away, me and my siblings were sent to live with his younger wife. Because it was very difficult for her to support eight children, my Aunt Caroline, who lives in Kibera, took me to live with her.

Before I was able to go with her, I was taken in by a good samaritan in a hospital called the "Mercy Home" because I had been sick for almost a month. After living their for several days, my health improved and I joined a primary school in the area. I was eager and I tried my best in school.

During my holidays, I live with my Aunt in Kibera. However, my situation is not the best. Unfortunately, my aunt does not have the finances to afford all of my tuition expenses. However, I have not lost hope. One day, I believe that I will achieve my dreams and aspirations. I am a girl that would like to continue with my education regardless of any obstacles that may come my way.


  • October 2017 Update on Elector

    [font=arial, sans-serif]Elector has been active in her school music and arts section and has managed to be part of the performing arts class that represented their school. She has also shown significant improvement in her grades over the last couple of terms. She is passionate about health arena and would like to work in the field. She is in her last year of school and will be graduating in November 2017.[/font]
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